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Consulting services to support and mobilize families during the analogue signal switch off process

Created to aid broadcasting companies, technical teams, and governments of countries going through the digital signal migration process by developing campaigns and mobilizing communities as well as coming up with strategies for the analogue TV switch off.

Television is still an essential communications vehicle for billions of families in the world, many of whom face significant challenges in preparing for the switch off moment (especially those that fall in the low-income range). Therefore, we commit ourselves to making sure that all have access to television signal during and after the switch off process, thus promoting the right to communication and digital inclusion.

Our expertise comes from Deisy Feitosa’s years of experience researching digital TV. Our founder spent more than 12 years studying the topic first as an undergraduate and then later as a post-doctoral student and gained 3 years of solid hands-on experience while working for the managing company of Brazil’s digitalization process, EAD – Seja Digital. In 2015, she introduced a social technology based on the mobilization methodology employed in researches for her doctoral thesis. It is currently being used to support the Brazilian population during the analogue signal switch off process.

Brazil has become a reference for analogue switch off in the world due to the size of the project’s technical undertaking (channel migration), communicational endeavors (mass communications campaigns), and substantial logistics (distribution of free conversion kits in preparation for digital TVs). Moreover, it has also become a reference of social mobilization due to how Deisy’s technology has made the mass switch off process more humane, educational, and collaborative, becoming much more elaborate than technological migration processes other countries have undergone.

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