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Analogue TV switch off

Socio-digital Inclusion

Diversity Promotion

Social Mobilization

Community Marketing


  • Improve the quality of life for those involved in our projects
  • Strengthen community ties and build collaborative projects
  • Build campaigns that take local cultures into consideration
  • Making the culture of diversity a reality of our century

Analogue TV Switch Off

Consultations for broadcasting companies and technical and/or managerial teams going through the analogue TV switch off process and migrating to digital signal. This service provides:

Planning and executing campaigns for different communication channels so that families receive the necessary support during the switch off process and have access to important information about technological change in an education, fun, and engaging manner;

Planning and executing campaigns that reach different groups and leaders of civil society to spread awareness about technological changes;

The difference processes of this service include mapping needs, making accurate diagnoses, creating strategies, planning and following-up on project execution.

Socio-digital Inclusion

Workshops that teach the use of digital tools such as Instagram (for social networking and/or small businesses), Google Docs, Google Drive, Word Press, Power Point, Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube.

Volunteer events in partnership with companies that promote social team building methods to further explore the use of digital tools in aiding the local population. For example, promote development of communication channels as a way to draw attention to, monitor, and spread awareness of more urgent communal issues.

Workshops to train teachers and students about the potential of digital devices and the Internet in addition to enlighten them about the Law of Access to Information and cause reflection on safety on the Internet.

Workshops on the Checkmate Project that primarily combats fake news. Participants develop strategies to sharpen people’s judgment about the truth and seriousness of accessible information on social media. They also identify digital locations and channels of communication where one may verify facts and the origin of information.

Promoção das Diversidades

Organize socio-educational campaigns in favor of minority social groups for radio, television, and the Internet.

Social Mobilization

Campaigns that use social mobilization as a main channel for raising awareness about themes connected to health, the environment, citizenship, and education.

Consultations and lectures about the methodology of social mobilization based on practical experience in which over 7,000 volunteers came together for a campaign on socio-digital inclusion.

Socio-corporate events focused on the exchange of technical and local knowledge, in which members of community groups visit large companies or employees of middle to large-sized companies visit communities in search of gaining better insight.

Community Marketing

We believe that mass marketing is an important tool for reaching a large number of people and creating significant social impact. One its best traits is how it takes the scenarios, languages, and cultural profiles of target audiences into utmost consideration. We work at the core of communities and, especially, with individuals who live in the outskirts of urban areas.

Our mass marketing campaigns use elements of mass and small-scale communication such as billboards, flyers, and posters to spread awareness of a brand, service, idea, or information of public use. We especially employ the use of social networks and media to bring together businesses and organizations and the people that use their services and/or products.