jardim circular


Destining objects to new metamorphoses.

An installation based on the Circular Economy concept, which provokes though on the importance to properly dispose of electronic waste and shows the process of re-using what comes from old TVs and mobile devices. The moment is ripe because with the end of analogue signal transmission in Brazil and around the world, digital appliances will substitute billions of outdated TVs.

Furthermore, many precious natural resources used in manufacturing TV sets are becoming scarcer by the day.

“We know that the end destination of electronic waste may be entering a transformation cycle and perpetual rebirth. It is a life cycle that all humans are being called upon to maintain and preserve a healthy and habitable planet for the future. The act of disposing of an object is more than merely throwing it away. We are destining it to new metamorphoses.” (Simona Luchian, artistic director of the installation)

The Circular Destination Garden was born from a social-artistic project integrated with the analogue switch off campaign of 2017 in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais) and 38 cities in its surrounding area. The project was promoted by Programando o Futuro in partnership with Seja Digital.

Deisy Feitosa, head of Inclusiva Solutions and, at the time, regional manager at Seja Digital in Belo Horizonte, idealized this artistic installation with Vilmar Simion, coordinator at Programando o Futuro. Programando o Futuro is a non-government organization based in the city of Valparaíso de Goiás and recognized by the Ministry of Justice as an Organization of Civil Society and Public Interest. It acquired copyrights to the installation and its mission is to promote actions that result in sustainable regional development through the use of social media and informational and communications technology.

Programando o Futuro and Inclusiva Solutions are united to take this project with such important social impact to the next level.

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